Nicole Wallace

I worked with Dr. Scott Ronis on my honours thesis for the academic year of 2013/2014. I first became involved in the Youth and Family Research Laboratory as a basic research student in 2012/13. I enjoyed myself immensely and stayed on throughout the summer. The wide variety of projects allowed me to further develop my research skills. Some of the many skills I learned was to run and recruit participants as well as do data entry and observational coding.

 I became particularly interested in the Family Interaction Study, so when it came time to find an honours supervisor, I requested to work with Dr. Ronis. For my honours thesis project, I examined sexual communication between parents and adolescents using parent and youth reports as well as an observational measure. I found working in Dr. Ronis’ lab to be a fun and educational experience. Since graduating I have continued to work in the Youth and Family lab particularly on the Family Interaction Study focusing on coding of the observational videos.