Gwynne Hearn

I worked with Dr. Scott Ronis on my honours thesis for the academic year of 2012/2013. Upon making the decision to pursue an honours degree in psychology, I requested to work with Dr. Ronis as I was most interested in doing my thesis on sexual experiences during childhood. My thesis focused on the potential mediating role of self-esteem between childhood sexual abuse and subsequent substance use. Although my thesis derived from a project previously created by Dr. Ronis and his lab, I was able to work independently and target the variables I was most interested in investigating. Working in Dr. Ronis’ lab was a great experience as there was always a wide variety of research projects on the go, which provided the opportunity to work in a variety of research fields. My research interests are particularly, but not exclusively, centred on psychological treatment (e.g., CBT), youth and young adult populations, the sequelae of substance use, and self-esteem both in relation to substance use as well as interpersonal relationships. I am currently preparing applications for acceptance to law school for the academic year of 2014/2015. Although my career aspirations are not definitive at this time, I have always envisioned myself continuing my education and working in a professional environment.

Completing my honours degree has been a tremendous accomplishment and most importantly has taught me more about myself.

My contact information is as follows: and I am more than willing to entertain any questions regarding my experience working in Dr. Ronis’ lab or about my academic experiences in general