Christopher Mark Kohler

Chris is in the second and last year of an undergraduate honors psychology degree at UNB.  His Honors thesis under the tutorship of Dr. Scott Ronis is titled “A Pilot Formative Evaluation of a Juvenile Firesetting Education Program”.

Chris’ goal in the UNB Honors program is to develop his research skills in the field of Psychology, in preparation for graduate and post-doctoral studies.  He has a strong interest in psychological forensics, thus his privilege to study with Dr. Ronis as an Honors choice.  Also, with a background in Forest Wildlife Management (UNB undergraduate and UBC Masters degree) and studies in Existential Philosophy (U. Victoria), his challenge is to integrate these fields in graduate research.  For example, interest in global climate change is rising, and psychological studies of this include deviant corporate resource use behavior.  Research of such broad topics can draw from psychology, forestry, and philosophy.