Maria Isabel Garces

Isabel is a graduate student at the University of New Brunswick, originally from Quito, Ecuador. She received her B.A. from PUCE in Quito, and is currently in the second year in a master’s program. During her time at PUCE, Isabel developed an interest in adolescent psychology and in psychological first aid. Later on in her studies, she examined the use of psychological first aid theories in natural disasters. This project would become her honours thesis during an internship at the Ecuadorian Red Cross. Working as a volunteer at the Ecuadorian Red Cross provided Isabel with a wider view of the health system in her country, and made her realize the importance of studying the social determinants of health to understand those factors that affect mental health.

To continue with her interest in health systems and adolescent psychology, Isabel is enrolled in her second year in the program Applied Health Services Research at UNB. During her first year at UNB, Isabel developed an interest in youth conduct problems and mental health services utilization, and now she is an active member of the project ACCESS-MH, an Atlantic Canadian initiative that aims at reducing the barriers and improving the quality of access and care for children and youth suffering from mental illness.


Garcés, M. Isabel. & Ronis, T. Scott. Accountability of Mental Health Services in non-Profit Organizations: Examining the Link between Mandates and Outcomes in New Brunswick. Presented at the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation Conference. Moncton, NB, November 13-14, 2014.