Elizabeth Harrop-Archibald*

Presently Liz Harrop-Archibald is completing her Masters of Education at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton. Her thesis focuses on the sexual health service needs and experiences of young women living in supportive housing. Her academic interests include the importance of community-based services, sexual health programming, the impact of sexual agency, importance of sexual communication and sexual development. This work builds on her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education (2005) at Ryerson University.

 Liz Harrop-Archibald specializes in the knowledge translation of community-based sexual health promotion practices. She is particularly interested in knowledge translation around sexual agency (negotiating sexual relationships). Her experience working with children, youth, and families is extensive. She is skilled at teaching sexual health education, facilitating workshops, directing and organizing events, as well as training and coordinating volunteers. She has also developed and deployed immunization promotion tools targeting children and youth. These tools are used throughout the province of New Brunswick. Liz is a committed advocate for sexual health services and education. She is also an avid volunteer with AIDS New Brunswick, Youth in Transition/Crysillis House, New Brunswick Morgentaler Clinic, UNB Sexuality Centre, AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia and Stepping Stone (Board of Directors/Volunteer Coordinator). Furthermore, she has experience working with Vancouver Rape Relief and The Hospital for Sick Kids in Cambodia. In a past life, Liz travelled to over 50 countries as an educator, a backpacker, and Youth Activities Coordinator for Celebrity Cruise Lines.

While working for Dr. Ronis, Liz coordinated research assistants, organized lab interviews, compiled literature reviews, assisted in creating manuals for interviewing, performed interviews, gathered data, led meetings, and compiled results. Furthermore, she assisted with grant writing, identifying service needs for young male homeless populations, and examining typical early sexual experiences.


L. Harrop-Archibald (2013). Navigating Sexual Health: the Experiences and Needs of young Women Living in Supportive Housing in New Brunswick. Unpublished manuscript, Department of Education, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada.

L. Harrop-Archibald (2009). Smart from the start: ImmunOllie Tools and Activities to Promote Timely Immunizations. Public Health Agency of Canada, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada