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Being The Parent of a Young Child

Being the parent of a young child, I often keep an eye out for ways to make sense of my experience as a parent. I am sure as my children get older, the issues will change and I will continue to seek out articles, conversations, comics, etc. that speak thoughtfully to similar experiences. Not too long ago, I came across an hysterical clip of Michael McIntyre’s stand-up comedy sketch exploring the differences between couples who have… View More


Does Kate Middleton Wear The ‘Halo’?

Guest written by: Stephanie Richardson Last week, Kate Middleton (also known as the princess with great hair and amazing fashion sense) released a public service announcement video supporting children’s mental health. Watch the video here:… View More


Bridging the Gap Between Community and Academia: The Role of Participatory Action Research

Guest written by: Camille Garceau Academic researchers are a strange breed. They sometimes wear funky cardigan sweaters, bowties, or white lab coats (or maybe just chemists?); carry around red pens and clip-boards; use words like “datum” and “generalizability,” conduct experiments – ahem, studies – for reasons that are usually not made explicitly clear, and publish papers that… View More


“2 weeks on, 1 week off”: Studying How Couples Adjust to a Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) Lifestyle

Guest written by: Kathryn Malcom  Living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, whenever I would meet new people, or get updates on former classmates/friends, it was almost inevitable that I’d hear about “so and so [insert name here] working out west”. “Working out west” started to feel about as common as… View More