When I look back at my experiences and at the many people and places I have interacted, Johnny Cash’s song, I’ve Been Everywhere , plays in my head. In addition to a descriptive bio, I have provided a map below of some of the places I have spent significant time.

I came to  UNB  in 2009 after completing my Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the  University of Missouri . Born in New Jersey, I moved to South Florida when I was eight years old. I graduated from  Brandeis University  in Waltham, Massachusetts.

After university, I conducted substance abuse and community-based needs research at  North Charles Research and Planning Group  in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

At the University of Missouri, I conducted research on juvenile sexual offending, other delinquent behaviour, and systemic influences related to youth development.

I completed my predoctoral internship at the  Virginia Treatment Center for Children, Virginia Commonwealth University Health System  in Richmond, Virginia. After receiving my doctoral degree, I completed my postdoctoral clinical residency at the  Rappahannock Area Community Services Board  as a clinical supervisor at the Rappahannock Juvenile Center and at the Rappahannock Regional Jail .

I am married to my wife, Lucia, and we have our wonderful daughters, Rachel and Nora. Our supporting cast includes our turtle (Hermanetta) and our dog (Luna). I enjoy sports, such as baseball and running, as well as other activities, including hiking, camping, and travelling.